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Skies on Fire - Speed Painting The Green Children

skies on fire painting my myspeedpainting the green children mygreenchildren
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About Me

Hello there, I thank you for spending your precious time to read some facts about this lazy and worthless blogger

My birth name is Bruno Alexandre,  my chinese name is安墨軒 (Ān mò xuān) and I am 20 years old, born on 14/05/1993 under the influence of the star sign Taurus ruled by the greek goddess Aphrodite and under the chinese year animal the Rooster. I live in Portugal and I am a computing student

Here are the main facts about me.


  • I am a shy and calm person by nature, even my tone of voice is low (many people complain about this because they dont understand the things I say most of the time). 
  • I am a very clumsy person and I am not very good at making new friends, I guess I wasnt born is the normal social interaction skills.
  • My rate of motivation in most situations is very close to zero percent, I am a very negative person although I try my hardest to see the positive ways in life. But once I grab something I really like I stick with it to very end.
  • I guess that the only good points about my personality is my wild imagination and good behavior in public (unless I am under pressure or tired…), my parents taugh me well about how to behave myself, how to be sweet and kind to others, thats something I am really gratefull for.
  • I am bisexual, I became aware of my sexual orientation when I was very young, my closest family members and my best friends are aware of this and dont seem to have any issues with it wich makes my life really easier but its still hard to stand up to the world and show your real self with todays society.

Hobbies & Likes

  • My hobbies are chinese painting, reading, watching tv shows and anime, and even although it may sound a little weird I like to study chinese, other cultures, spirituality and mythology.
  • I love art and ways of self expression, everything that requires imagination and creativity.
  • I like animals and plants, in a matter of fact I avoid to kill any other living being if possible as far as they arent mosquitos and really annoying flies.
  • My favourite animal is the sea horse, my favourite flower is the lotus flower, my favourite plant is the bamboo, my favourite color is indigo, my favourite season is fall and my favourite mythologycal god is Apollo.
  • As for food, I really love anything sweet, I love pancakes, anything with chocolate, waffles and strawberries, as for drinks what I really like is cappuccino and almost any kind of tea.
  • I like fantasy literature the most, specially if theres mythologycal beings involved. As for my favourite writter the answer is simple, Jean-Louis Fetjaine and my favourite book is one of his works Le Crépuscule des Elfes.
  • As for music, I pretty much appreciate anything but I am really obsessed with Kpop.
  • I smoke and I am addicted to caffeine and tea (I love tea, I cant imagine myself living without it!)

Personal Achievements

  • I attended a level one chinese language course at the University of Minho for one year, so I know basic chinese.
  • I also attended a 4 month course of chinese painting, also given by the University of Minho.
  • I won the national chinese competition Chinese Bridge for high school students, and by doing so I am going to represent my country in October by participating the international  Chinese Bridge competition for high school students in China with everything paid! (I am so happy, I am going to the Yunan province).
  • I can speak portuguese (ofcourse), chinese (basic), english ad dutch (altough my dutch is a little bit rusty by the lack of practice)
  • This is not quite a personal achievement but I lived three years in Holland in the city of Helmond.

Other facts

  • I was bullied when I was a child and I suffered from anorexia for two years and bulimia for almost one when I was a tennager, it was a very difficult fight for me to overcome, I am sharing this because I know that there are many other kids, teenagers and adults who were and maybe still are being bullied or are suffering from those food disorders, so if your one of these people dont hesitate to talk to me, I know what your going through and I am here to help in what I can.
  • I have three sisters and one little brother, they are my most precious treasures and I would give anything for them.

Thank you for reading this and for taking the interest to know a little bit more about my little me.

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flowrs (by typedow)

flowrs (by typedow)

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Daenerys Targaryen in 3.03, “Walk of Punishment”

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Home is now behind you. The world is ahead.

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Your center? Well, it took awhile, but I figured it out.

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